Many times  we focus more on computers and downplay the other components of the equipment. When in reality each device is essential for optimal results to be obtained. When making an investment to acquire Razer products, the place where the specialized technical service is going to be carried out must be taken into account. Not just anyone can repair Razer printers, Razer laptops, desktops, or any other branded device.

Luckily you have Razer Solution. A company that is dedicated to repairing Razer. For years we have created an image of a solid and responsible company, which has led us to occupy an important place in the market.

Madrid is the city we chose to host the best Razer repair center in the city. Nowadays, many Spaniards are calm because they know in case of any damage to Razer printers, we will be there giving them all the support. We will extend  the life of your equipment.

Razer Printer Repair
We have what you need for your printer

Razer printers are our best allies

Printer maintenance should be performed periodically to prevent major failures from occurring. However, we are not always attentive to the signals that our equipment does not emit.

Razer printers are our best allies, without a doubt they make our work easier and unfortunately we don’t give them the value they deserve until they stop responding.

This is where Razer Solution comes in. From now on we will not allow you to worry about who will offer you a quality technical service. We are used to solving all kinds of problems. Our technicians are trained to repair Razer printers, no matter the model.

We repair all types of printers from the oldest models to the high-tech models. Hewlett-Packard has always been characterized by launching the best products on the market and for this reason they also need quality technical service. Repair Razer is our mission.

Most common problems that need repair of Razer printers and possible solutions

From the experience we have gained over the years, we have noticed that the most common problems with Razer printers are the following:

  1. Jammed paper:

It is usually one of the most common problems. However, it is not always solved in the correct way. Instinctively, the first thing most people do is pull the paper, without taking into account the heads of the equipment or any of the internal components. If it happens frequently, it is advisable to have it checked, it may be that some of the internal elements have broken or deteriorated.

Although it is not superfluous to verify the state of the sheets before introducing them to the machine.

  1. On power up the Razer printer does not respond:

When this happens, the first actions to take are: check the condition of the power supply cable and check the power button. If in both cases it does not respond We can solve the problem. Most likely you will need to replace the cable.

  1. The quality of images and colors are not dynamic

If you have noticed that your printouts have dropped in quality and become dull without the same vibrancy as usual, most likely head alignment or cleaning is needed. In our workshops we do this service in a relatively short time.

More common problems that we will solve instantly

Razer Printer Repair
We have a guarantee for your Razer printer repair

4,The computer does not recognize the printer

Many times this type of failure occurs when Razer wireless versions, it is most likely that the USB cable or some connector is already asking for replacement. You can go to request technical service for this eventuality and we will gladly replace it with one of the same brand. We are known for having original spare parts so as not to alter the operation of your equipment.

  1. When replacing the cartridge the printer does not print

Many times we do not know how to place the cartridge properly. We suggest you check the manual and try to install the cartridges again, however there have been cases where the problem is not the cartridge but the Razer printer. In this case, you can request our home service so that you do not have to go to our facilities and we will solve your problems in an instant.

  1. The printer drops a blank sheet

It is important in these cases to check the status of the cartridge. Since it is a typical problem of consumables empty or at the limit. In our store we have Razer cartridges for all types of printer models. In this opportunity we can also help you

We offer software reinstallation service

Reinstalling the software is the last option. We have trained personnel who will take care of optimizing your printer and installing the latest versions  of software on the market.

This is just a small sample of the problems we can fix. Likewise, do not hesitate to contact us. Remember we are authorized Razer agents. We will take care of repairing Razer printers in record time.

We know how important your equipment is at home or in the office. For this reason, we carry out a diagnosis and a preliminary evaluation before entering your printer in our workshops.

Razer Printer Repair
Do not hesitate to contact us for your repair

We offer a home delivery service. We do corporate budgets. We have staff who will attend to your requirements from the first moment.

Razer Solution is your help center in Madrid. we are market leaders. come meet us and we will take care of the rest